Limousines In Perth: What Is Available?

There are a wide variety of limousines available for hire in Perth today. Everyone knows the Lincoln town car or the stretched Cadillac limousines, but there are new trends in the limousine industry to be aware of. SUV Limo’s have arrived and they have made quite a splash. The most popular SUV limousine is the Hummer. These muscled beasts are just brilliant head spinning party transportation. Cruise through Perth in one of these and jaws will drop.

In addition to the model, most customers also want is a chose the colour. This depends on the use of the vehicle. Most business customers will prefer a black vehicle, most non-business customers prefer a white limo. There are some for whom neither seems to make the grade and they may opt for a pink limousine! Whatever makes you happy. The good news is that there are a wide variety of choices available, so you will find something you like.

Many people make the common mistake of hiring a cheap limousine service.Things don’t always go well with a budget option, commonest grumble is that the car that arrived was not the one that was actually ordered. The vehicle that shows up us usually older and has less facilities. One way to avoid this is to ask the Limo operator to allow a viewing of the car before booking. If that is not convenient then at least checkout some photographs.

Where ever possible pay by credit card. This will assist if things don’t go to plan and you need to get a refund.Credit card transactions are also good evidence of payment.

With events like school ball’s, it is best to make deposit with the limousine operator. A part of the payment can be made in advance and the rest can be paid on the night of the prom. Weddings are different. Consider paying the entire amount upfront so there is less to worry about on the big day.

The key is to be aware of the cancellation policy before you hand over any money. The last thing you would want is unexpected cancellation fees.

Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Cheap limousine services may look appealing but you should keep in mind that since you plan to use the limo for a special occasion it should make you look good and not cheap. Take care when making your booking, be sure to know the cancellation policy and have a great time.

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