Find the Lowest Car Insurance Rates in Canada

If you are a Canadian national and have been living here for quite a while, you must be very familiar with the laws regarding car insurance. According to the law, every Canadian has to have his/her car insured in order to drive anywhere in Canada. If you are in the quest for finding the lowest rates, then you must know that these quotes vary from one provider to another and the best place to shop for them is the internet.

These quotes can also greatly fluctuate based on the type and make of your vehicle. If you have a classy sports car, then it’s a sure bet that the company will come back with an equally ‘classy’ car insurance rate. Therefore, it would be to your benefit to become familiar with the policy of these insurance companies or simply go online before you purchase a car, so that you have a rough idea as to what awaits you in the name of your car insurance.

Also if your car is equipped with state-of the-art devices with the likes of air bags, tracking systems, car alarms you are in a better situation to obtain a lower insurance quote. If you happen to own a brand new vehicle, consider finding a proper private parking or garage. This way your insurer feels that there is a less chance of theft or vandalism to your car and will provide you with better quotes.

To find free yet quick insurance quotes in Canada, your best bet is to search online and compare insurance quotes from various providers. There are some sites that specialize in providing you with this comparison data so that you can look at them side by side which makes your selection very simple. Remember the more you search the better chance you have of getting the ideal policy which provides you with the desired coverage at an attractive low rate.

Another approach to saving on your insurance rate is to combine various policies through a single insurance company. For instance, if you are also in the market for home insurance and/or life insurance, you ought to use the same company as many providers will give you big discounts if you use them as the one stop shop for all your insurance policies.

When applying for your Canadian car insurance, be sure to take up the coverage that you need. For instance, if you purchased a pre-owned car at a modest price, you may lower your quotes by lowering your cars coverage. Never, under any circumstances, lower your liability as you may get yourself into financial trouble in case a hefty claim is filed against you.

Another way of lowering insurance premium in Canada is by increasing your deductible. Fix minor issues on your own as every time you involve the insurance, your rate will increase and you end up paying more in insurance premium than you would have if you fixed the minor issue yourself.

If you have poor driving records, ask your municipality regarding safety driving courses. Many providers will lower the rate if you have taken such defensive lessons as insurance companies feel that these courses will reduce the risk of accident.

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