Ft. Myers New Car Dealerships Bask In Sonata’s Success

If you live in Ft. Myers, Hyundai Sonata vehicles probably seem to be on almost every street corner. This is probably because they are. The sedan sold over 200,000 times nationwide this year, jumping 65% from last year and 24 spots on kbb.com’s Most-Researched Vehicles of 2010 list. Thus, odds are on the corner of your street or one near you in Ft. Myers, a Hyundai Sonata sedan is parked.

Kelley Blue Book and kbb.com annually reports data on the number of times specific vehicle models are researched on their website. Furthermore, kbb.com is such a go-to source for relevant car information that the websites data is closely related to actual sales trends in America. Thus, the fact that the sedan jumped 24 spots to become the number 5 most-researched vehicle in America means the vehicle jumped about that in sales too.

And 2011 is likely to be the same great news for Hyundai. Vice President of product and corporate planning, Hyundai Motor America, Mike O’Brien said, Data from Compete shows that Sonata was the most-shopped vehicle on the Internet six of the last seven months, proving that as awareness and availability of the 2011 model increased, shopping patterns quickly followed suit.

Hyundai released a 2011 model of the Sonata in September that comes complete with a turbo engine. The engine is 2.0-liters and 274-horsepower. Additionally, this month will welcome the 2011 Sonata in hybrid form. The sedan is expected to earn 40 miles per gallon on the highway.

Best of all, the 2011 Sonata was the first mid-sized sedan to earn all 5 Stars awarded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This is impressive because the Sonata was tested under the Administration’s new guidelines, which are significantly stricter than its predecessors. In fact, many well-known models have failed under the new guidelines.

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