Which Car Dealer Portal To Choose From?

Which car dealer portal to choose from when it comes to selling your car or buying another one, to add to your existing car parade at home or work. It is one of the most debatable Question when it comes to advertising your car for sale or even when you want to look up to buy one which car dealer portal will provide you with various services and opportunities.

Some portals in Australia provide you with good amount of variety on the same make of a car and model. Some along with that also provide with various additional services such as insurance, finance and maintenance contracts or even a free or monetary car evaluation.

The crux of the matter is that when it comes to choosing a place where you can sell or buy your car you can face a lot of hiccups on the way. Many sites ask money if you want to advertise your car or even a fractional percentage of the selling amount, but then it leads us to think are those prices reflected on the site are based on actual evaluation or inclusive of the share of the advertising platform. As a human tendency we tend to think that nothing comes for free and if something is for free we might not actually use it trying to consider whether the given service is faulty as it for free or does it have hidden fees behind it. So we are most of the times sceptical about any free service/product and most sometimes do not take into consideration platforms where you can advertise for free or buy a car directly from a dealer or a private owner without paying the host platform any commission.

After much pondering I have come to understand a few services we should look in for at a portal before using it to sell/buy your vehicle. They are listed below in no particular order:

Is the portal free or charges a fee.
Does it have a wide range of vehicles
Does it offer a past vehicle research (fines, accidents, theft etc.).
Does it offer a car valuation (how much is the car worth)
Does it provide Car Finance.
Does it offer insurance on the vehicle.
Does it give any selling/buying tips.
Does it deal in used/new cars.
Does it provide advertisement from private owners or from dealers as well.

Interestingly if you search on the internet you will come across thousands of results for your search, the key is to understanding your needs and facilities being provided. While searching on this matter I came across a site for Euro DB Automotive, it provides almost all the features I have listed above as well as seems to be a fresh site on the web market.

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