Get Expensive Cars Cheap – Beat The Car Dealers At Their Own Game

Funny, isn’t it? Whichever car you have your eye on buying is always ‘the best car out this year’ or ‘extremely hard to find’. It’s sometimes a struggle finding expensive cars cheap, but even at the dealership you can bargain a long way down from the marked price.

If you’re a car dealer, I’m sorry, but you don’t exactly have the best reputation for honesty in your trade now do you? I personally know some very legitimate car dealers who I would trust to find me the best vintage Bentley there is and wouldn’t question their choice at all. I’m not saying all car dealers are crooks at all – they just play a game and you have to know how to play it. Let’s see how they try to tip the board in their favour.

Honest John’s Dice Roll No.1

‘Of course we’ll do a deal on that price, Sir’ – referring to the ticket in the window of the car. They’ll knock a load off the price, then bung in an extended warranty, servicing, emergency breakdown cover or a higher rate on your finance from them. They’ll try to cram oodles of value into the deal, trying to make it hard for you to refuse. Don’t give in. Don’t let them pressure you into anything. You will get exactly what you want, because you are the customer.

Honest John’s Dice Roll No.2

Once you are emotionally attached, you will want to buy the car. Dealers want to get you into the car, smelling the leather, putting your hands around the steering wheel. Depending on the abilities of the salesman, maybe he can find a way to relate to your motoring past, bringing back some strong emotion for you. If you’re sold on the dream before thinking about the price, be on your toes as it could be an easy sale for them.

Honest John’s Dice Roll No.3

Clever use of the classifieds. The two cars that have been sat around the lot the longest are the two that will end up being put in the classifieds / magazines. These are pretty much stagnant stock, leftovers that are hanging around for one reason or another. If they advertise these at a bargain discount price, people are going to come in and look, based on the ‘bargain’ being offered. The fact that it has no air con and manual windows didn’t fit in the advert, but that gets brushed aside once you get there. Guess what, though – there’s a much better, much more desirable model sat right next to the heap that you don’t actually want now you’re down there. As you wanted a car and you’re now on the lot…tada! Their bait caught the fish!

You have to be open to the tactics used when trying to sell cars. Especially given the way car sales have been towards the end of this first decade of the new millenium, I wouldn’t blame them. Just 25 cars sitting around at say $40,000 each – there’s $1m in stock just sat there. Right now, the dearest and most sought after cars are the ones that are selling the least. Now is absolutely the right time to work on getting your next expensive car cheap.

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