Chicago Hyundai Elantra Dealers Also Offer “best Value Picks” Sonata And Santa Fe

Most of us don’t make major purchases like homes or cars every day. That’s why it’s so important to do some research and determine what fits our needs and our lifestyle. When it comes to buying a new vehicle, MSN Autos has provided some reviews to inform us of the best value picks so we can make an informed purchase.

So, based on pricing research, test drives and deals offered by automakers, here are the models from MSN Autos for top values picks on the market. Chicago used Hyundai Elantra dealers are thrilled to see Hyundai models on the list. Hyundai models, in fact, have received many awards and nods of approval in the last couple of years and the brand overall has become very well-respected among U.S. buyers.

Let’s start with the Hyundai Sonata in the mid-sized sedan class, which easily competes with the likes of Toyota Camry and Honda Accord but much more affordably. Redesigned in 2011, MSN Autos says it has “the look and feel of an upscale luxury car”. Its handling also has improved with the 2011 model. It actually qualifies as a full-sized car because of its roomy interior. Chicago Hyundai Elantra owners will not be surprised by the inclusion of a Hyundai sedan on this list.

Now we come to the SUV/crossover area where it’s difficult to decide which class to place a vehicle in. The Hyundai Santa Fe competes price-wise with the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4 but has an interior that, unlike the inside of most crossovers, does not look like it was done on a budget — a very small budget. In fact, MSN Autos asserts that the Santa Fe interior can compete with a vehicle priced at over $30,000.

Santa Fe also uses a “pleasing design, upscale interior and balanced driving dynamics” with options of two engines which are very fuel-savvy and front- or all-wheel drive. It’s priced to hit the road at $21,695 for the four-cylinder and $30,295 for the all-wheel drive V6. Something for every Chicago Hyundai Elantra customer.

Other best value picks included the Honda Fi in the subcompact car class, Mazda3 in the compact class and Chevrolet Traverse for mid-sized crossover/SUV. Often buyers look at new models of brands they have owned or stick with the bigger automakers. But that seems to be changing with the rise in popularity of brands like Hyundai and Kia.

U.S. buyers should look reports like this that offer across-the-board evaluations and give opinions based on personal driving experience and base price. Chicago used Hyundai Elantra buyers should definitely take advantage of this information. After all, this is one of the biggest purchases you will make this year.

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